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Above: our film partner Berlinetta Films has brought the weekend’s activities back into sharp focus, capturing the significant moments of what was an exceptional gathering of E-types.

Above: another superb film by Berlinetta Films, showing E2A driving up the hillclimb course.

Updated June 17th 2021

E-type Club celebrates E-TYPE 60 success

The 60th anniversary of the Jaguar E-type was celebrated in fine style this past weekend as around 400 E-types, their owners, sixty specialist exhibitors and enthusiastic visitors gathered for E-type 60. The event, sponsored by SNG Barratt Group and Twyford Moors, was held under the sunniest skies of the year at the historic and spectacular Shelsley Walsh motorsport setting.

Apart from a glut of competition Es including celebrated Lightweights, Low-Drags, the E2A Le Mans prototype, and the first two E-types ever raced, the event also played host to an incredible reunion of the 1961 Geneva Motor Show trio – the first time these three cars have been seen together for sixty years!

A non-stop entertainment schedule included regular hillclimb action; an outstanding motoring art exhibition, engaging chats with E-type experts; hilarious reminiscing with racing legends: Hopkirk, Attwood, Fitzpatrick and Sutcliffe; a fabulously ’60’s-themed party; and a raucous tribute to The Italian Job.

Roll on E-type 70.



Updated 21st May 2021

E-type 60 Countdown


Julian Barratt and Philip Porter eulogise about the forthcoming E-type 60 event.


Above: unique E2A prototype, courtesy of CKL Developments


Updated May 7th 2021

Countdown - five weeks to go!

The clock is ticking down as the excitement
around E-type 60 ramps up

In a recent trial in a Liverpool warehouse, around 3000 unmasked revellers raved the night away. While that’s not everyone’s idea of a grand get-together, this was still a very encouraging development. As we cautiously approach what is hopefully the end to lockdown loneliness, there are many reasons to sensibly gather in celebration, starting with the 60th anniversary of the E-type. That’s surely reason enough to get to E-type 60 at Shelsley Walsh on 12 and 13 June. But there are other Jaguar birthdays to highlight, too: the Series 3 V12 was launched 50 years ago while 70 years have passed since both the C-type and the Fixed Head Coupe version of the XK120 first appeared. Last, certainly not least, the E-type’s special guest, that classless icon of 1960s mass-production performance motoring we call the Mini Cooper is also 60 this year.

Speaking of Minis, apart from a trio of the cheeky tykes that’ll star in a re-enactment of The Italian Job, there’ll be a hillclimb class just for them, in between all the angry cats. Sounds like serious fun? There’s still time to enter. 

So, plenty of cars in motion up the hill, and a whole host of special ones to get close to in the paddock including  the E2A Le Mans prototype, 4 WPD – the first all-aluminium Lightweight E, Rob Beck’s Galaxie-engined Egal, the ‘Dave Clark Five’ album cover E-type, the XK 120 once owned by Sir Stirling Moss, Paddy Hopkirk’s Monte Carlo Rally-winning Mini, original C- and D-types and many more.

E-type 60 also hosts the launch of two major new books entitled 9600 HP and Original E-type. Signing sessions will be held for both books by authors Philip Porter and Malcolm McKay respectively.

Complementing all the wheeled action is a full programme of live celebrity interviews, big-screen period footage, a party in the paddock, ’60s tribute band – The High Tones, ‘Mods’ on scooters, specialist exhibitors, tasty street food and competitions galore – something for everyone.

Surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Sixties along with a similar sense of optimism, E-type 60 is the perfect way to get your gathering groove back. 



Updated April 2021

Only nine weeks to go!


Love E-types? Love Minis? Love the Swinging Sixties? 

Then Shelsley Walsh is the place to be on 12 and 13 June. As you’d expect, the 60th anniversary of one of the most sensational sports cars ever will be accompanied by an equally sensational line-up of E-types from the Geneva Motor Show launch car to the very last one off the line.


Other ‘star’ E-types on show are ’77 RW’ – the first Roadster, the well-travelled, ex-Denis Jenkinson Fixed-head, and the Roadster that appeared in The Italian Job. But it’s not just the E-type’s birthday; the Series 3 V12 arrived 50 years ago and the C-type turns 70 as well – if you do need a reason to party, there’s three excellent ones right there.

With The High Tones providing the sounds of the Sixties, a visual nod comes courtesy of a squadron of restored, Mods-era scooters piloted by appropriately clad members of the Awfully Pleasant Scooter Association. It’s likely to be more spectacle than speed when they attack the Hill en masse but then they’re sure to create a buzz either way.

More implied speed can be seen in the Black Barn in the form of a superb collection of art, curated by Andrew Marriot, entitled ‘A Brush With Speed’.

On the Friday preceding E-type 60, Jaguar E-type Club Co-founder Philip Porter and Motor Sport Magazine Editor Joe Dunn will unveil a plaque in honour of the late Stirling Moss, commemorating his first competitive efforts up the famous hill. Also on display is the great man’s XK120 fixed-head coupe, which he used in the early 1950s to travel between races, tow caravans and go rallying. No doubt it has lived a life of high drama.

Speaking of which, a gold bullion-loading, Italian Job re-enactment ending in a trio of Minis making their getaway up the hill is sure to thrill. Join us for a weekend of E-type-celebrating, 60s-themed hillclimb excitement.



Above: Stirling Moss' XK120 FHC.


Above: unique E2A prototype, courtesy of CKL Developments

Updated 2nd March 2021

Countdown - four months to go!

Jaguar E-type Club Co-founder Philip Porter says: ‘Vitally we have the UK Government’s go-ahead. So, nothing is stopping us now. It is max revs in each gear as we accelerate towards E-type 60 in June.

'We are determined to have one hell of a celebration – we all deserve it. So, with the support of our sponsors, our exhibitors, our entertainers and, above all, enthusiasts, we are looking forward to a fabulous birthday party for the E-type.

'To remind you, it is the original E-type's 60th and the V12 E-type's 50th. See you at Shelsley Walsh.'

In following the Visit England ‘We’re Good To Go’ protocols, the event organisers will have Covid-19 measurements in place to ensure the safety of all event attendees. Visitor numbers may be limited. At every stage of the Government’s Four-Step Roadmap, all such measures will be reviewed.

The event is actively supporting charity partner ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ - a dedicated charity, bringing cancer care closer to patients’ homes via Mobile Cancer Care Units which they provide to NHS Trusts across the country.

We are delighted that rallying legend, Paddy Hopkirk, will be joining us over the weekend, as will former racer Peter Sutcliffe. A super display of historic and special cars is being curated, including the unique E2A prototype, courtesy of CKL Developments. Add to that some great 60s music from tribute band The High Tones, Italian Job Mini mayhem from the red, white and blue icons of the 60s, Hillclimb action on both days, fun with Mods and Rockers scooters, top-notch specialist exhibitors, fashion, dancing and much more...



Updated March 2021

The V12 Engine – extract from 'Jaguar E-type – The Definitive History' by Philip Porter


The Jaguar V12 engine was designed during the 1960s by a team of engineers including Walter Hassan, Claude Bailey and later Harry Mundy. In its original form, the engine had twin overhead camshafts per bank and was intended for the XJ13, the stillborn Le Mans challenger with which Jaguar contemplated a return to racing. While XK13 was shelved, Jaguar continued the development of the V12 engine for production cars.

The idea of a V12 engine had been toyed with by Jaguar since as far back as the '50s. Indeed, one or two schemes were drawn up though these were for uses other than automotive. In February, 1951 the Ministry of Supply sent Jaguar a proposed preliminary specification for an 8-litre V8 carburetted petrol engine. 'Engine is primarily for installation in fighting vehicles. Maybe required in other service equipment. Must be of lightweight, compact design but durability of primary importance. Intended the design shall be capable of expansion up to 12 cylinder Vee form or an in-line six cylinder form should a requirement arise. In this event a maximum degree of interchangeability of parts is required. A power output in the V8 for 300 bhp at 4000 rpm is required at the outset.'

Read full article here.



Updated 20 October 2020

Headline: First and last open two-seater E-types confirmed

The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust will be bringing 77 RW, the very first Open Two-Seater built, WHP 205J, one of the earliest V12 E-types and originally part of the press fleet and HDU 555N, the very last E-type off the production line.  As you may know, 77 RW had a dramatic starring role in the E-type launch at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961. Read the continent-crossing story and about all three cars on our Feature Cars page which we’ll keep updated with all the notable vehicles confirmed for E-type 60.


Updated September 2020

The High Tones to play Swinging Shelsley

Confirmed as part of the entertainment for E-type 60 are The High Tones. A four piece band from the Midlands, they were formed with the sole aim of recreating the sounds of the 1960’s. The High Tones cover all the great artists from the era including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Monkees, Van Morrison, The Hollies and The Small Faces to name but a few.


Over the years, this talented quartet have worked alongside many musicians, as well appearing on TV and radio in various projects, performing and recording, as well as touring Europe. Their act pays homage to the fab groove of the greatest musical decade; performing countless hits with real passion and integrity. Their show is guaranteed to help take us back on a magical, melodic journey to the Swinging Sixties.

  • Richard Attwood, F1 driver and Le Mans winner - special guest of
    Hope for Tomorrow the event charity

'This will be an amazing event which I am really looking forward to. Our family garage were Jaguar distributors in Wolverhampton and I was a Jaguar apprentice so I have strong connections with the company and there is still an Attwood Trophy awarded by the MAC each year for sports cars at Shelsley. The E-type was, and is, a stunning car and it is extraordinary to think it is 60 years old. See you at Shelsley Walsh next June.' Richard Attwood

  • Confirmed - groups of E-types from Europe

  • Rally legend, Paddy Hopkirk is looking forward to E-type 60