12 - 13 June 2021 - Shelsley Walsh 



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The E-type launch car 9600 HP

This weekend will be action-packed with activity on the hill each day and all day, together with entertainment focused on the '60s and its outrageous trends.

Featuring 9600 HP the original launch press car and the oldest Jaguar E-type.

Including a display of all 13 models of
E-type and introducing guest star the
Mini - unique icons of the '60s combining to illustrate the revolution in car design and lifestyle.


The Series II and Series III E-type, the latter with the brilliant new V12 engine, propel us into the '70s where 1960s' Op Art is superseded by flower power and the hippy culture.

9600 HP at Parc Des Eaux -Vives



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A fun packed event focused on the '60s and early '70s and all their outrageous trends. Join 9600 HP the original launch press car, hundreds of E-types and Minis, as we celebrate and pay tribute  to these game-changing icons. 



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Experience the oldest racetrack in the world still in use.
Enjoy watching demonstration runs and a competitive speed hillclimb – as well as the chance to take a spin up the track yourself.

Photo: E-types at our XK70 spectacular in 2018

A unique event celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the E-type featuring 9600 HP, the original launch press car.

Experience the oldest racetrack in the world still in use. Enjoy watching demonstration runs and a competitive speed hillclimb – as well as the chance to take a spin up the track yourself.

All this plus historic cars, competitions, prizes, displays, entertainment, personalities and live theatre – to include forums, Q&A sessions with a panel of Jaguar experts and much, much more.

Period dress encouraged – but not compulsory.

E-type History & Style

For many the E-type is simply the most beautiful car ever produced. They top every poll.

Jaguar’s heritage is second to none with seven Le Mans wins (five in the 50s and two in the 60s), international rally successes, record-breaking, race wins on every continent and a loyal following in Hollywood with many of the biggest stars of the day.  

9600 HP in Geneva
Eagle E-type photoshoot

Photoshoot cars provided by Eagle

1960s' Style

Traders specialising in 1960s' trends. Enjoy entertainment in 1960s' style. Appreciate art representing the sea-change in design.

To many the E-type is simply the greatest sports car of all time. It has everything: sensuous sculptural beauty, allied to superb performance, as proven by its successful career on the race track, and, above all, is a fantastically enjoyable car to drive and utterly usable. This beauty is no prima donna.


Our 'E-type 60' event in June at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb is designed to be a fitting tribute to the sensational E-type and a fabulous celebration of the car and the period into which it was born, a period when people and cars could be free spirits.

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We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to E-type 60. 

We have been making plans to ensure that this will be a safe end enjoyable event with visitors' wellbeing uppermost in our minds. We will be implementing safety precautions in line with the UK Government's advice at the time and will publicise all such measures on the event website